Ziv Ravitz

Ziv Ravitz


Hailed around the world as one of the greatest jazz drummers on the international scene, Ziv Ravitz is now the percussionist that all the famous jazz musicians are looking for. On his first major tour of Europe and the United States in 1999, Ziv Ravitz was acclaimed by the press for his breathtaking instrumental mastery, his inventiveness on stage and his spellbinding musical language.

In 2001, Ziv Ravitz met jazz pianist Florian Weber and jazz bassist Jeff Denson. Together they founded the Minsarah Trio and performed on numerous international tours. At the same time, Ziv Ravitz has performed in Europe and the United States with legendary jazz artists such as Lee Konitz, Joe Lovano, Eugene Friesen, Ben Monder and Stéphane Kerecki. In recent years, Ziv Ravitz has travelled the world with the great jazz trumpeter Avishai Cohen. Together they give more than a hundred concerts a year in the most important festivals and concert halls in the world. He also tours with pianist Yaron Herman and has recorded several albums with him, all of which have won international awards.


Sounds of transformation
Forever in Your Arms