Itamar Doari

Itamar Doari


A virtuoso percussionist, composer, arranger and prodigious improviser, Itamar Doari is acclaimed for his dazzling performances in the fields of world music, contemporary music, jazz and experimental music. Today, he regularly performs at major music festivals in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Born in the Galilee region of northern Israel, Itamar Doari grew up in many traditions, including Egyptian, Turkish, Spanish, Persian, Palestinian, Israeli and Bedouin music. Having fallen in love with percussion instruments at an early age, Itamar Doari began his musical studies in parallel with his family's exploration of diverse cultural backgrounds.

At the age of sixteen, Itamar Doari began to travel around the world in order to discover the traditions and techniques of the rarest percussion instruments. Thus, little by little, he developed a particular artistic language, combining velocity, a mixture of rites and customs from the four corners of the world, exploration of baroque and classical music, as well as jazz, blues and rock improvisations. This profound exploration has led to numerous international tours with flamenco, jazz, Cuban, Senegalese, Persian, Indian, Turkish and Yemeni artists.

In recent years, Itamar Doari has collaborated with famous international artists such as Buika, Avishai Cohen, Amal Murcus, Avi Avital, as well as Johnny Greenwood, the guitarist of Radiohead. 


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